Ketapang Estate Advertisement

- 'Ketapang Estate' needed to present their resort in a way that appeals to many types of holidaying guests: the party-lovers, the honeymooners, the quiet getaway, and the cultured adventurers. Which one of these are you?

Grünberg bike Advertisement

- Hanging out of the window of the client's van and racing around Berlin chasing our actress on an electric bike makes this my favourite shoot of all time. Thank you 'Grünberg bike' for the courage to make this happen, especially since we "bit off far more than we could chew".

MyYogaPro Kickstarter Video

- 'MyYogaPro' did exceptionally well on Kickstarter, it reached it's funding goal in nine (9) hours and went on to raise $250 000 in a month (including the followup webpage). The sponsorship video encapsulates the entire idea and creates an intense call to action that the target viewer is quick to react to. What you see in the video is so tactile that you can imagine instantly what you can get out of the platform.

Lucky Peterson Live at the 55 Arts Club Advertisement

-We made an epic album of Lucky Peterson's live event at 55 Arts Club, it was a 5 disc set with 2 DVDs of the live concert filmed over 2 nights, the complete album on 2 CDs, a behind the scenes DVD where we peer inside their rehearsals and a beautiful full colour booklet with gorgeous photographs. This Advertisement was used extensively on social media to drum up interest in the lead up to the release of the album.