Xmas on Xmas Island

In the middle of the Indian Ocean lies a small forested island inhabited by a mega colony of crabs. Our job was to track them down in their jungle territories and film their behaviour. Every day that we followed the trail deeper, we'd come in close contact to another native. This film is a heartbreaking episode of our shoot, where we were powerless to help the poor beast we found in this pool.

Vancouver Island - Projects

The wildlife organisation Wilderness International hired me to produce a series of films about their adventures in Vancouver Island in Canada in 2011. This film was the featured episode of the series and was shown in schools and to sponsors to raise money for their conservation work.

Wild New Zealand - ep 2

I worked for 4 months as a camera assistant on this nature documentary, it was an incredible job. We flew with a helicopter to the top of Fox Glacier and nearly got snow blindness, we chased the tiny alpine flowers that bloom on the mountain tops, I built a time-lapse camera that took one photo every hour and we left it at the terminal face of a glacier to track it's movement over 6 months, we froze a mountain Weta and watched it thaw back to life with a thermal camera, we waited all day to watch Tuataras hatch from their eggs, we followed a sea lion raise her cubs in the forest where they were safe from the angry males and we followed a Maori tribe as they competed in the Kapa Haka festival. My current focus on filming expeditions is largely based on this job.

Vancouver Island - The Rainforest

There is a lot of rainforest in Vancouver island, the mountains are covered in green spaces, but when we flew over it in a small Cessna you could see the amount of timber that had been torn from the wilderness, it was a shock. In the shot of the floating logs we only see a piece of the story, they were 10 meters of logs underneath the surface. 

Vancouver Island - Cedar tree of life

Meeting Hwiemtun and Della was very inspiring, they were a direct channel to a way of life that is hundreds of years old. The Cowichan people didn't have wool or cotton until Europeans arrived, so all of their clothing was made from Cedar bark.

Helgoland - Insel im sturm

I worked as a Camera Assistant, Editor's Assistant and Sound Designer on this Nature Documentary in Germany. We had a long list of birds that had to feature in this show so we spent a lot of time with the local birdwatchers. On our day off, a very rare Blue footed Warbler was spotted on a beach on the north of the island so we jumped out of the pool and raced there, it was the first time that this species had ever been seen in Germany, and they added one more to the number of bird species spotted in this country.

Find out more here. If you are in Europe you can watch the full film here.

Land of the Painted Mountains

I was brought on this film as an editor to breathe new life into the footage. The original editor was stalled by trying to show the trip as it happened, with a narrator explaining every day that went past, it was a boring film. I knew that the way to make this documentary memorable was to delve into the dreams and fantasies of it's cast and take a playful look at the expedition. We explain all of the goals and successes of the trip in a childlike way, It works well, even if some scenes are woven together with sticky tape...

On a Sea of Glass

The crew of the sailing boat 'the Matrix' commissioned me to film an action film aboard their vessel on one of their regular races around the bay. As beautiful as the day was, there was no wind, but I was determined to make an exciting film regardless. The crew are on constant alert, even in the quiet moments, of the position of other ships and then when they reach a marker, all hell breaks loose.

Vancouver Island - Eco-Tourism

On this project we lived in a small collection of tents on the beach, paddling to a new island when we needed to resume our excursion. Our Cowichan guides taught us how to harvest sea snails, net fish and beware of predators. I have a hundred tales of this adventure.

Vancouver Island - Canoes and Cedar

This video goes further into detail as to how to make canoes, if we had more time on this expedition, we would no doubt have tried to make one of those ocean-going canoes.