'Too Short' (Feat. J.B.T) - Noble Nativez

J.B.T only wanted a very simple video where they rapped down the street. I didn't think that they would get noticed with such an uninspired idea so I pitched them a neon laser graffiti idea which they eventually hooked onto. I think that saved this otherwise regular music video.

Around Again - Johanna Amelie

-This music video needed to be soft and subtle and push on one emotion the whole way through, I was careful not to do too much with the film just let Johanna's music carry the music video. The visual effects needed to be placed carefully, and a lot of the work was stopping myself from adding too many effects.

Noch Ein Jahr - Sefo

-My big challenge while editing 'Noch Ein Jahr' was to create an intense video from a lot of shots that, well, looked exactly the same. I'm very proud of how this film came together.

Can Tanem - Cihan Akbaba

-This is a Turkish song about a father trying to tell his daughter about the death of her mother. To be honest, even though I can't understand what is being sung, I always cry at the end, I can't help it, it was the same even when I was editing it.

Thorbjorn Risager Live at the 55 Arts Club

-Working at the Head of Video Depertment at 55 Arts Club was a great job, we made Live concerts every week with our 5 camera studio, streaming straight onto our website. Thorbjorn's clip is my favourite moment, the team were so rehearsed at their job by this stage that I didn't even have to tell anyone what to do. It is a rare moment as a Live Director when you can watch the video being made without having to comment on it.