- When watching 'ECHO' notice that you never clearly see what you are told you see, in this way a red dot becomes a fleeing criminal, and a swish becomes a thrilling car chase. 'ECHO' was screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2013.

COSMOS - Lorenz Kellhuber EPK

- 'Cosmos' tries to solidify ephemeral concepts such as music, creation and cosmic philosophy. Take note as how Lorenz's thoughts take him from his walk by the river to the studio in one breath as if time has slipped past unnoticed.

Land of the Painted Mountains

-I wrote and edited this nature documentary with the Director Robert Morgenstern, we decided to discard all of the tropes of the Documentary film genre and make up our own rules, I love this film, I watch it laughing the whole time through. It is full to the brim with jokes.

Walk for the Wild Berlin

- 'Walk for the Wild' turns a tiring, uninteresting activity such as children running around a sport park into a high paced, intense and amusing action film.

MyYogaPro Kickstarter Video

- 'MyYogaPro' told a refined sales pitch to a dedicated audience of Yoga Lovers and became a hugely successful kickstarter campaign. A friend asked me why we needed to raise the money if the website seems to work so well, I told him I animated the whole thing.

Lucky Peterson - Behind the Scenes

Lucky and his band played a knockout series of shows with us at the 55 Arts Club in Berlin and we filmed a Live DVD of the concert and made this beautiful 4 disk DVD set. My job was the special features DVD, and to make the promotional trailers and online content for social media.