Solar backpack for Radical Bay

While I was in the Skeleton Coast for an adventure film, I decided to use the day off to film a short promo for my online store. I watch a lot of Vlogs and often think that they are badly shot so I wanted to prove to myself that I could film an exciting action film with a single camera and a tripod. This ad was never shown because I changed what my online store sells.

What’s in the water?

I breakdown the subtle layers of psychology that I've implemented to get you to keep watching the video Xmas on Xmas Island

The Struggle is Real - MYOB

To get Arzal's childcare centre off the ground he must avoid shady loan sharks and sneaky banks. Who will trust his new business ideas?

Attitudes to Ageism

I was brought onto this project to inject some life into the film, I brainstormed and built all of the creative metaphors throughout the film. my favourite of course being the balancing scale with the chess pieces, it is so seamless. 

Gundam Reload

I always wanted to make the kind of film that I used to play with my action figures as a kid. This film was a revelation, if I only made movies like this for the rest of my life I would be very happy. It was filmed in an abandoned construction site in Bali, the locals thought I was a goblin and left me alone to my work.


- When watching 'ECHO' notice that you never clearly see what you are told you see, in this way a red dot becomes a fleeing criminal, and a swish becomes a thrilling car chase. 'ECHO' was screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2013.

COSMOS - Lorenz Kellhuber EPK

- 'Cosmos' tries to solidify ephemeral concepts such as music, creation and cosmic philosophy. Take note as how Lorenz's thoughts take him from his walk by the river to the studio in one breath as if time has slipped past unnoticed.

Land of the Painted Mountains

- I wrote and edited this nature documentary with the Director Robert Morgenstern, we decided to discard all of the tropes of the Documentary film genre and make up our own rules, I love this film, I watch it laughing the whole time through. It is full to the brim with jokes.

How to eat Auckland

See how we gave birth to a squid, built a city from blocks and the magic that brought Scratchpad to life.


There are places you can only get to by your self. --- Filmed on Magnetic Island, Queensland, Australia. --- Clash of darkness, a kiss of flame, Twist and twirl, then prance again. Elude to madness, never stray, Swish and curl, then glance this way. Grasp the answer, chance to stay, Fire dancer, dance away.

Ward 105B2 - Reel 06

This was a delicate operation to put to film. Josh, Indy and Joseph had been working on their Vietnam war veteran characters for more than 6 months to prepare for this film and it was a great challenge to make their constant in-jokes relatable to the uninitiated viewer.

We decided to focus heavily on an old 1970s documentary film style with crude visuals, bad quality sound, terrible cuts and a feeling that you've missed some terribly important information that you can't seem to work out. It was definitely a challenge to make a film that looked broken, amateurish, un-complete and forgotten. But there is a liberation in destroying the rules you've worked so hard to learn.

When the boys are in character their performances are so complete that you can easily mistake them for another person. the timid shyness of their normal selves is transformed into a brazen rudeness that pervades their toxic masculine environment. Any challenge that I threw at them was embraced effortlessly and they made it fit the film as if it was always meant to be that way. The guided meditation scene is a striking example of this.

Walk for the Wild Berlin

- 'Walk for the Wild' turns a tiring, uninteresting activity such as children running around a sport park into a high paced, intense and amusing action film.

The Thief

I created this short film as a last exasperated scream back at the city of Berlin at the end of 5 years there. It was a tough life feeling insignificant and lost, and at this stage all I wanted to do was fly off to a better place far away.

MyYogaPro Kickstarter Video

- 'MyYogaPro' told a refined sales pitch to a dedicated audience of Yoga Lovers and became a hugely successful kickstarter campaign. A friend asked me why we needed to raise the money if the website seems to work so well, I told him I animated the whole thing.

Lucky Peterson - Behind the Scenes

Lucky and his band played a knockout series of shows with us at the 55 Arts Club in Berlin and we filmed a Live DVD of the concert and made this beautiful 4 disk DVD set. My job was the special features DVD, and to make the promotional trailers and online content for social media.